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5 Things Women Love More than 6 Packs

Many men have always been made to believe that women see them as attractive with how well built their bodies are, which has never been true. Ladies have their different ideas of what makes a man attractive. Men can be attractive in other many ways.

Depending on which type of a woman you are dating, here are five things that will make a man attractive other than physical attributes  Like Handsomeness and 6-pack


There are many things that could tell people about your manners. Men with good manner are attractive in our today’s world. A well-mannered man is a sure bet in life, who will never hurt his woman knowingly. This is the type of man every woman wants to be with. 


Life is always about having a purpose. This will simply mean you have direction in your life. having a purpose is the best thing every woman wants in her man since she is sure of a good life tomorrow. Have a business, a project or some work you do for a living. This is what women find attractive in men. 


Most men are afraid of having families. However, a man who loves and cares for his family has all the approval from ladies. This is the best and attractive man every lady always want to date and marry. Being responsible for your family could be the best thing you can do for a woman. 


Being able to fix things around your home is the best gift a woman wants in a man. This will make you adorable and there won’t be need of wasting money and time calling other people to come and fix things in your house. Ladies find attractive a man who can help things around the house. 


Men can be attractive with how they dress. Dressing clean well ironed clothes makes you look smart. Being smart is not about wearing expensive clothes and shoes but about putting on clean well-fitting clothes. Every woman wants her man to look clean.