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Breaking: Mohamed Salah Costs 51billion Per goal

When the airtime depend on goals scored, then Mohammed Salah will be your man.

Each time Salah scores for Liverpool this season, telecom company, Vodafone has promised its Egyptian subscribers 11 minutes of free airtime.

Vodafone has 43 million active subscribers in Egypt and the average price for a plan is 25 pence (about 125 Naira).

Each goal scored by Salah could cost the company £100 million (over N51 billion).

The 25-year-old Salah took his goal tally to an incredible 28 in just 30 matches, after scoring 4 goals when Liverpool demolished Watford 5-0 at Anfield on Saturday March 17.

He does not look like he will stop scoring anytime soon.Goodluck to Vodafone!