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My own sister I raised is sleeping with my husband: woman cries out

Hasina Akhter, a girl was stunned to see her blood sister in her matrimonial bed with her husband however, to make matters worse, the sister has refused to let go of the said man

The girl said she’s been not able to get the photograph of her sister and husband in bed out of her head. She said it hurts more because she raised her sister and loves her own  child.

The sister in query has been disciplined through their father and locked of their circle of relatives home but she escaped and ran again to Hasina’s husband.

The mother-of-one stated she has tried committing suicide numerous times but she’s in the end determined to live for the sake of her four-yr-antique son. She has now left her husband for her sister. She says even though she’s alive, the entirety inside her is useless.

examine her tale below as share by GMB Akash on social media


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