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Deeper Life completes #5billion Worth Headquaters —4th Largest in the world (Photos)

Deeper Life Bible Church, foremost Pentecostal Church in Africa  has finally completed its international headquaters at Gbagada, Logos state.
The 30,000 capacity church project had gone on for about 13 years managed by Cappa and D’alberto. And it is valued at about $16million, that is #5billion 
It is said to be the fourth largest completed church auditorium in the world. The first being the  50,000  seater faith tabernacle at Ota Ogun state belonging to Living Faith Church, Winner Chapel.
Nigeria presently has a plethora of megachurch buildings under construction, all of which rank among the largest in the world.

The MFM Temple with a capacity of 500,000, 
The New Faith Theatre  of  Winners Chapel which is 100,000 seater

Salvation Ministries 90,000 seater in Portharcourt.
 The Great Tabernacle of The Apostolic Faith Mission-75,000 
The Lords Garden of Dunamis International Christian Centre-70,000 in Abuja
 They are all under construction and when completed are billed to be the five largest auditoria in the world in that order.
Churches are not playing in Nigeria amidst this recession.


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